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"[Before SDX,] every day was managed on spreadsheets with lots of manual work and errors. The Supply Dynamics team was ‘AMAZING’! … they exceeded expectations. [We gained] …an ability to manage raw materials from cradle to grave. If ever there was an issue, I could pick-up the phone and work through the matter. If you really want to deal with someone who understands raw materials… I would definitely recommend Supply Dynamics."

Major Automotive Manufacturer

Sr. Materials Manager

"We needed part attribute and manufacturing process information details about our machined parts so that we could be more efficient with our sourcing. A number of our drawings are ITAR so we turned to Supply Dynamics because of their experience working with ITAR data. They were able to quickly get us the part attribute and manufacturing process information in the format we needed. They were very efficient, accurate and a pleasure to work with."

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

Commodity Manager

"... aggregation is already having a huge positive impact on our business. When we mentioned to one of the distributors servicing our sites and sub-tiers that we were implementing an aggregation program, they immediately started working to earn our business. The savings on materials that they offered us and our sub-tiers will more than pay for the program. In addition, the way the program has improved the quality of our part and material data has been remarkable"

Airframe Manufacturer

Program Manager

"Supply Dynamics dealt with large amounts of sensitive information in a responsible way and quickly provided us with easy-to-interpret [reports]…"

Construction Materials Manufacturer

Director of Procurement

"During the last three years, the [aggregation] program has provided a 15% average cost savings to our sub-tier suppliers on more than 1.5 million individual fasteners purchased. …Better information has resulted in better performance across the board. In the last three years, late fastener delivers have been minimized and costs contained during on the most escalatory periods in the last decade. This program has also given [us], and [our] sub-tier suppliers, the ability to plan… and make smarter sourcing decisions."

$17B Jet Engine Manufacturer

Senior Buyer

"These guys are for real!...We have utilized the services of Supply Dynamics for their part coding expertise and the results far outweighed our expectations. The coding was handled efficiently and professionally resulting in a data base of many thousands of part numbers of near pristine perfection – uncovering an absolute gold mine of … hidden information. Supply Dynamics became a true extension of our team, true partners in every step of the process. I recommend them highly to any organization that is serious about embarking upon an aggregation strategy. I can assure you, their commitment to your project, data handling expertise and overall aggregation experience will be the right fit for your aggregation project team"

$13B Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

Sourcing Program Manager

"The team was responsive to our aggressive schedule and the time pressures of the project. Supply Dynamics’ [characterized] more than 8,000 part numbers in less than a month. SDX has enabled us to obtain unified visibility into what was previously a fragmented bill of materials spanning dozens of sub-tier suppliers. Ultimately, it allowed us to understand the raw material details of our parts and to partner with the right suppliers to drive productivity and growth. Supply Dynamics is passionate about what they are doing..."

$22B Power Generation & Energy Provider

Senior Sourcing Leader

"Working with Supply Dynamics has allowed us the visibility to our material requirements that we wouldn’t have been able to attain on our own. Using this knowledge we can now put ourselves in a leveraged purchasing position with our suppliers for total aggregate demand. I have found Supply Dynamics to be very professional and thorough in their work. I look forward to working with them on future projects and would recommend their services."

Nuclear Energy Industry

Materials Manager

"Supply Dynamics has served as our “aggregation” service provider, overseeing programs for the consolidation of site and sub-tier supplier requirements… All three programs were successful in achieving stated program objectives of greater bill of material visibility, reduced cost, and improved continuity of supply… Their contribution has been invaluable."

Leading European Aerospace Manufacturer

Director, Raw Material Sourcing

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