The sourcing of your parts and materials is complex.

But achieving continuity of supply, predictable pricing and well-managed risk doesn’t have to be. Here is the path our customers take to build supply chain resilience.

Demo Our Platform

Our flagship technology, SDX, is a visibility and analytics platform for the multi-tier supply chain. Give us an hour and we’ll show you how it can manage costs, mitigate risks and increase supply chain resilience.

Assess your ROI

Take a deeper dive. Bring us in to meet with your team. We’ll assess a high impact area of your business. We’ll gather information and develop a detailed estimate of the benefits you’d see with SDX. The report we generate will help you characterize the opportunity to senior management.

Set up a Pilot

Supply chain resilience begins with good data and leveraging that data. Pick a commodity, a group of suppliers, and let’s talk about the technical data you have. We’ll capture all part attributes and link them to a master production schedule in SDX. You’ll see the results for yourselves in a matter of months not years.

Reap the Rewards

SDX enables numerous strategies to mitigate risks, lower costs and build supply chain resilience. These range from the simple (base of the pyramid) to the complex (apex) in our Value Pyramid below.

Platform Strategies In Distributed Manufacturing Supply Chains