Is Bad Data Affecting Your Supply Chain?

Are you paying too much for parts because you don’t understand the raw materials that go into them?

Do your sub-tier suppliers use different naming conventions for the same parts and materials?

Do you have accurate data on all the parts and materials that go into your products?

Is disorganized data preventing you from leveraging AI or blockchain?

PAC Will Put Your Data In Order

Bad Data Costs You Money

The cost of raw materials makes up 30-60% of your spend on parts. Companies that can’t document where and at what price their suppliers purchase materials miss the opportunity for negotiation and efficiencies. For a global manufacturer, that can add up to as much as 7-22% of your material costs every year.

Get Your Data In Order With PAC

Manufacturers with a multi-tier supply chain need a clear understanding of the raw materials and parts that go into their products. Supply Dynamics has developed a process that maps all your suppliers and material inputs. Working straight from engineering drawings, we gather the data so you don’t need to request it from your suppliers. We call the process PAC – Part Attribute Characterization. PAC is a real-time mapping of your supply chain inputs, opening up opportunities for collaboration and risk-reduction across all your suppliers. It helps you build a more efficient and resilient supply chain.

What can PAC do for you?

With PAC, you can source parts more efficiently and consolidate parts and part numbers. You can match part attributes to supplier capabilities and see which raw materials are common across your supply chain. You’ll make company-wide purchases, resulting in better pricing, terms and service. PAC also drives reduced lead times and inventory and gives supply chain partners the data to foster more efficient collaboration.

A Proven Tool of Success

Supply Dynamics has successfully performed PAC on over 500,000 parts in Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Energy and Electronics. With PAC, our customers save 7-22% every year on material costs. It also gives them visibility across their supply chain, so they can make strategic moves to foster company success.

How does PAC work?

Our team of engineers takes your digital blueprints, CAD models and other engineering data. We extract the information and organize it, using a consistent taxonomy and naming convention. PAC includes a proprietary software and engineering process to accurately and inexpensively document part attributes. A verification step with each tier of suppliers provides further accuracy. The result is a real time map of the underlying elements of your supply chain.

Discover how PAC can save you money and strengthen your organization's supply chain.

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