Meet PAC
Part Attribute Characterization

Want to take advantage of SDX or other technologies like blockchain or artificial intelligence, but have no idea where to start? Start with complete, accurate, and reliable data. 

Start with PAC.

Get Your Data In Order

The absence of a clear, data-driven sourcing strategy wreaks havoc on the supply chain and introduces unnecessary risk and cost. With PAC, we help you harness part attribute information to drive dramatic performance improvements without burdening your sites or sub-tier suppliers.  It all starts with your engineering drawings and the technical data already at your fingertips.

Need good data? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

You have a BIG problem.

Your data is a mess.

You DON’T have complete information about the materials that go into the parts. The data you DO have is scattered across different systems. And, of course, it does not conform to a common naming convention or taxonomy.

We have seen it all. Engineering drawings in different languages and formats, massive Excel spreadsheets, data silos in inaccessible systems and across multiple sites and sub-tier suppliers. It’s a challenge nearly all large manufacturers face – especially those that have grown through acquisition. 

We can help.

We have a solution to clean up your messy, disparate data.

And hundreds of thousands of examples to prove the quality and accuracy of our process.

Our proprietary PAC software and engineering process starts with something you can generally get your arms around – your engineering drawings. Yes, that’s it.

No spreadsheets. No supplier surveys. No contentious debates about naming conventions and data taxonomies.

Simple engineering drawings will do (in PDFs or a file format of your choice).

We present you with complete, accurate, & reliable data.

And you'll wonder where we've been all your life.

Here’s what you’ll like about PAC: 

First, it’s fast. Typically we can process 1,000-2,500 P/Ns per week. Second, you choose the fields you want us to capture. We’re not just talking about the easy stuff either.

We routinely document primary or secondary manufacturing process, special processes, material types and finishes, part sizes and weights, quality/inspection requirements and more.

The PAC process ensures the use of a common naming convention and taxonomy consistent with your requirements. Data can be easily merged, analyzed, and, if necessary, easily reviewed and validated by stakeholders.

Armed with that data you’re in perfect position to:

  • Match part manufacturing attributes to specific site or part supplier capabilities.
  • Assemble part family requests for quotation (RFQs)
  • Understand discrete and aggregate raw material requirements across parts and suppliers
  • Identify opportunities to standardize raw material sizes and specifications
  • Drill down on compliance requirements such as REACH, RoHS, DFAR, etc.
  • Identify equivalency relationships across multiple part numbers with same form, fit, and function
  • Fully leverage Material Demand Aggregation, blockchain, IoT, and AI opportunities

Ready to transform your supply chain? Let us show you how.

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