SDX Puts the SMART in Your Supply Chain

Big Data. Predictive Analytics. Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. IoT. These are just fancy words until someone helps you transform concept to reality.  Supply Dynamics’ SDX platform serves as the digital thread across your distributed manufacturing supply chain – an essential first step to digital transformation. It’s time to put the SMART in your supply chain with SDX.

SDX Multi-Enterprise Platform

SDX is a cloud-based multi-enterprise platform that provides manufacturers end-to-end visibility and control over the raw materials and off-the-shelf components that flow into their outsourced assemblies and parts. All without requiring you to modify, replace, or integrate with your existing ERP or legacy IT systems.

As manufacturers outsource production, visibility into raw material inputs by Tier 1- N Tier suppliers becomes muddled and lost. Our platform facilitates collaboration between you – the manufacturer – and your sub-tier suppliers, enabling you to monitor, influence, validate, and control raw material cost and compliance at all tiers of supply.

It’s time to trade in your massive Excel spreadsheets for something that will truly transform your supply chain.

Raw Material Utilization Forecast
multi-tier forecasting

Want to take advantage of SDX or other advanced digital technologies (think Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, & IoT), but have no idea where to start?

Start with clean, reliable data. Start with PAC.

PAC - Part Attribute Characterization

Optimizing any manufacturing supply chain is virtually impossible without first obtaining reliable, structured information. Comprehensive supply chain visibility starts with what we call ‘the extended bill of materials.’ 

PAC (or Part Attribute Characterization) is a software and engineering driven service that delivers reliable, structured information about the raw materials and processes that go into your parts irrespective of where parts are made. Information is derived directly from engineering drawings and other technical data you already have. Bonus: you don’t have to ask your suppliers for it. 

In short, PAC brings harmony to the unstructured data that currently resides across disparate systems at multiple locations in your extended supply chain. PAC enables supply chain optimization and the digital transformation you have been waiting for.

Extended Bill of Materials

You Can Use SDX to

Determine opportunities to leverage raw material spend across your supply network
Report, analyze and execute purchasing strategies that improve quality and lower inventory costs
Conduct more effective price negotiations across all tiers of supply armed with the components of product cost
Accurately forecast material requirements to share with outside mills, distributors, and manufacturers
Visualize all tiers of your global supply chain
Standardize material sizes and specifications
Anticipate supply disruptions, monitor supplier performance, increase on-time delivery
Ensure compliance with REACH, RoHS, DFAR and other requirements

You Can Use PAC to

Classify parts by their attributes, such as grade, specification, manufacturing processes, part family, etc.
Match part attributes to part manufacturer capabilities
Increase RFQ responses by targeting qualified part manufacturers
Determine opportunities to standardize raw material sizes and specifications
Identify equivalency relationships across multiple part numbers with same form, fit, and function
Fully leverage SDX, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other predictive analytics tools

Ready to transform your supply chain? Let us show you how.

Platform Strategies In Distributed Manufacturing Supply Chains