Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Supply Chain

SDX helps you collaborate with sites, sub-tier suppliers and other business units on the purchase of common metals, plastics, chemicals, fasteners, and electronic components. 

Get Clean, Reliable Data

Document part attributes from engineering drawings – without asking your suppliers for it. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Get Insights & Drive Results

Equip yourself with tools and info to lower costs, improve on-time delivery, and drive measurable ROI across your supply network.

Restore Visibility & Control

Use data to analyze, monitor, forecast, standardize, and control the raw materials and components that flow into parts and products.

Material Demand Aggregation

Who buys what materials, in what quantities, when, at what prices? We have the answers.

Material Demand Aggregation, or MDA, is the practice of leveraging common raw material and off-the shelf component demand from multiple sites and sub-tier suppliers to optimize price, inventory, service levels, cycle time, and accountability across your extended supply chain.

This translates into better prices and service levels for everyone – Manufacturers, Parts Suppliers, Distributors, and Mills.

Our Customers Use SDX to Track

5500 +
T1- N Tier Suppliers
156779150 +
Raw Material Forecasted (lbs)
250000 +
Purchased Parts

Control Part and Raw Material Cost with SDX

Within 6-12 months, it’s not uncommon for customers save 7-12% on parts and raw materials that go into them – regardless of where the parts are manufactured. For one Fortune 100 customer, SDX enabled $7.5 million in savings over 5 years for a single business unit.

Sound too good to be true? Use our ROI calculator to find out what Material Demand Aggregation could mean for you.

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