Case Study

Prototyping the Medical Supply Chain for a Branch of the US Armed Services

The Challenge

In light of the supply chain pressures experienced during the pandemic, a major branch of the US Armed Services identified the need for improved logistics support for medical equipment and supplies. They wanted to make their medical supply chain more resilient by tracking potential risks and managing them before they occurred. They also needed a way to match patient care requirements with their associated supply needs.

The Solution

They engaged Supply Dynamics to build a prototype Digital Logistics Solution. In less than 6 months, we merged multiple “best-in-class” technologies together from subject matter experts in medical supply chains, risk monitoring, and scenario analysis. We fully mapped a representative sample of different kinds of medical supplies. The solution was user-friendly, allowing authorized personnel to take the pulse of the supply chain, identify risks, and rapidly determine strategies to mitigate them.

The Impact

Our research and development resulted in a functional prototype, complete with a new executive dashboard, modified reporting and analytics modules, and the mapping of 3 representative categories of medical equipment and supplies: N-95 masks, ventilators, and medications. Having established a viable proof of concept, we were awarded a comprehensive Phase II contract, which will involve pilot deployments of the solution in operational environments, both for the government customer and a commercial partner.

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